Which Trees Require The Least Water?

When summer arrives, there are all reasons to worry about your young trees. They may not have been appropriately established to withstand the heat and drought that comes with the season. The rising temperatures make the growth of trees and plants harder, and you may lose them if you do not take proper care.

However, there is always a way to deal with this. The best way is to go for trees that require the least water. This will make them grow even during severe drought conditions with just minimum attention.

Here are a few drought-tolerant trees that will still grow and give you shade under the hot summer.

Eastern Redcedar

This tree is most common in the United States’ eastern parts on roads, fences, and abandoned fields. This shows how they have rarely been taken care of but have still thrived in the harsh conditions.

Its reddish woods give an aromatic scent of cedar and can be a great addition to your home.

This tree tolerates heat, salt and can grow in different types of soil.

Bur Oak

Several elements combine perfectly in the bur oak tree to give it impressive drought-resistant characteristics that make it thrive with very little water.

Coarsely textured crown, wooly acorns, and a huge trunk help this oak survive even in places where there’s little water.

This tree has been preferred in parks and expansive yards for its hugeness.

Northern Red Oak

A tree that is considered a national treasure and one of the most handsome trees in North America. Aside from being so attractive and clean, this tree adapts to harsh environments and can grow even in stressful urban settings.

This tree is a fast-growing tree and thrives in hardiness zones 3-8.

Kentucky Coffeetree

Kentucky Coffeetree is resistant to drought and pollution, making it able to survive in urban settings with little water and attention.

It also adapts easily to different soil varieties. Its ability to resist heat makes it a perfect choice for large yards, golf courses, and parks.


Another “tough tree” that can survive any season and hot days with the least water. This tree thrives in different temperatures it finds itself grown in. Besides, they can withstand harsh winds and air pollution.

It can make a great landscape choice if you want to grow trees that require little attention.

Live Oak

A notable tree of the South. The live oak is one of North America’s impressive trees you will ever encounter. It can live hundreds of years, going through different drought seasons without being damaged.

Arborists recognize this tree for its firmness during strong winds and storms. It can also adapt to different soil types and can thrive even in salty conditions.

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