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Imperial Tree Removal Service offers tree pruning and felling services in South San Francisco. His team of professionals handles tree pruning and logging or stump removal. Count on the years of experience of this company to ensure the health of your trees: the estimate is free.

All work entrusted to Services d’arbres Express is covered by liability insurance. Whatever the nature of your project, the company offers very competitive prices. It operates in the commercial, industrial, and residential sectors and provides its customers with appropriate recommendations adapted to each type of property and tree.


The company offers enlightened advice that allows you to choose the right approach for the well-being of your trees as well as for your safety. Their quality work and prompt service make Imperial Tree Removal Service a logical choice. Services are offered to individuals, businesses, hospitals, daycare centers, and more!


At your request and after scheduling an appointment, the team at Imperial Tree Removal Service will come to your home to assess the type of work that needs to be done.

She quickly steps in to provide the following services:

– Pruning

Tree pruning

– Slaughter

– Stumps

– Logging

Don’t hesitate to explore all of the services featured on this page and call the team to quickly schedule an appointment to improve the health of your trees or make your property more esthetically pleasing.

Pruning Service in South San Francisco

Passionate about their profession and nature, the team at Service d’arbres Express handles all your tree pruning needs in Montreal. They do everything to take care of your trees without harming them. During their interventions, our tree care and stump removal professionals take care to remove neighboring structures and dead branches to promote passage around the trees while maintaining their shape.


To ensure the health of your trees, it is important to prune the branches on a regular basis. This operation serves to maintain the balance of the tree, improve seasonal bloom and foliage quality, develop the tree in value, and ensure soil safety. The professionals at Express Tree Services offer professional services and provide your trees with the best possible care.

Depending on the type of trees you have, there are 4 types of tree pruning:

– Thinning, which consists of pruning the branches to bring better sunlight to the ground.

– Elevation, which is accomplished by cutting off the lower branches of one or more trees

– Restructuring, which is a type of pruning necessary after damage or to remove a branch growth

– Clear cutting, which involves trimming branches that are too close to buildings, roads, or electrical lines. This is a common intervention in urban areas

All pruning is done in a safe manner and respects the nature of the trees to improve their health and growth. Don’t hesitate to request a free quote for all your tree removal or tree care projects.

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