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Imperial Tree Removal Service is the specialist in tree care, tree pruning, tree trimming, tree cutting, bracing in Colma, Pacifica, Brisbane and South San Francisco.

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Tree Felling

Tree felling is an extreme measure that needs to be carried out only in certain very specific cases and when every other option proves to be inapplicable. Felling consists of removing a tree that poses a danger to people and surrounding property due to severe dieback. The tree is then removed by cross cutting the trunk.

Before resorting to this draconian measure, contact a professional at Imperial Tree Removal Service. This person can determine if other options are an option. If necessary, we can conduct the cull under optimal conditions to minimize the risks to nearby people and property.


Are you embarking on a project that requires logging of a specific area? Imperial Tree Removal Services can prepare the land so that you can begin the construction phase without delay. Professionally carried out, deforestation will be carried out in accordance with your local regulations and respecting the ecological balance.


Shredding is the process of turning branches into wood chips with the help of a chipper. At the same time, you save yourself the trouble of collecting and disposing of excess wood.

Tree pruning

Full maintenance pruning involves a series of steps that may include various techniques such as remedial pruning, crown enlargement, thinning, antler realignment, restructuring, and clearing out structures and work areas, depending on the case.

Remedial pruning is performed both for esthetic reasons and to maintain the health of the tree and involves cutting branches, dead, diseased, weak or broken branches and snags. This is a preventive measure aimed at strengthening the tree, bringing it into shape, lightening its branches or even to produce quality wood without branches. All this while extending its life expectancy.

Depending on the tree species, Imperial Tree Removal Service is able to carry out pruning that takes into account the development and specific characteristics of each tree.


Tensioning aims to consolidate and strengthen all or part of the tree’s structure (in the branches or in the trunk). Different methods can be used to carry out this intervention. While methods using wire ropes, screws or rods can cause significant damage to the tree over time, Imperial Tree Removal Services has opted for a method that causes no damage and promotes natural growth.

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