San Mateo Tree Removal

There are very few trusted San Mateo tree removal services that can guarantee you satisfaction for their services like the Imperial Tree Removal Services.

Imperial Tree Removal Services has been providing quality tree services in San Jose since 1986 as a family-owned company.

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, you can be assured of professional tree services that will change the look of your landscape and environment just as you want it.

Tree Services

If you want your property and landscape turned into an attractive environment over the years, you will definitely need a professional tree removal company to do the job.

Imperial Tree Removal Service can help you achieve this by conducting different tree services around your property or landscape.

Tree Removal

It is possible to remove trees around your property on your own. But with the dangers of removing large and towering trees could be so high that it can cause destruction of properties if you do not have the right experience or equipment. Let us help you safely remove unwanted trees from your property using the right equipment and skills

If you also want to relocate a small tree from one place to another in your yard, we can help you do that and safely remove and relocate it to the desired area.

Shaping, Thinning and Trimming

It may look like a general skill that most people have and prefer doing it by themselves. However, shaping and thinning a tree requires more than general skills. Just like trimming a tree, only professionals can do it properly. Imperial Tree Trimming understands the local regulations required on how to trim different tree species.

We use the right equipment and trained personnel to ensure your trees are left properly trimmed and shaped accordingly, displaying stunning beauty and attraction in the yard.

Crown Reduction

When you want to make your tree smaller or shorter, then you should consider our special crown reduction services, where we trim tree toppings to maintain the tree’s height and make it grow with the small size.

Our team knows the safe amounts of trimming different tree species need off the top to help keep the tree healthy without destroying it. Do not do this by yourself, contact us, and let us help you.

Commercial Tree Services in San Mateo

If you are looking to create a good first impression, you should begin with the outside of your business. Imperial Tree Removal Services can help you achieve this by providing commercial tree services for your business in San Mateo.

Services include:

  • Lawn mowing
  • removing/trimming bushes
  • Tree trimming and tree removal
  • Holiday lighting
  • Stump removal
  • Debris removal

We can also help you design and change the current appearance of the business environment such as the sidewalk, lawns, sprinkler system, and more.

We also help you in diagnosing the health issues of trees in the yard in order to give them proper care.

We do all the tree services you need and let you fully focus on improving and growing your business.

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