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The tree often adds all the charm to a yard or a residence. That’s why we believe your trees need to be properly protected to preserve their structure and habitat before new construction, the installation of a swimming pool, redesigning your yard, or any other major work.

Imperial Tree Removal Service is your reference company for tree pruning in Brisbane City and Daly City. As professionals with a passion for our profession, we take the utmost care of your trees to restore their esthetics and health.

Versatile, we also offer our services for pruning diseased or dangerous trees.

We work with a residential, commercial, agricultural or even institutional client.

Our tree care services

With our expertise, we offer a whole range of services to give your green spaces the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Do you want a cedar hedge trimmed with unparalleled precision and to a design of your choosing? Would you like to have your trees trimmed to keep them healthy and freshen up their appearance?

Out of concern for the environment, we are committed to giving a second life to the “waste” generated by our activities. That’s why we recycle the wood from our activities to turn into firewood and kindling in bags. They are an excellent fuel as house wood or for camping use.

Imperial Tree Removal Service offers:

Tree Pruning / Pruning

– Cedar hedge trimmer

– Firewood and kindling in bags

– sheathing

– tree felling

– logging

– stumps

– Branch chopping

– Planting cedar hedges

– Fertilization

Why choose Imperial Tree Removal Service?

Your satisfaction is our priority. That’s why we aim to provide a truly bespoke service to meet your needs and expectations.

Furthermore, we assure you:

Quality and safe work.

Our specialists intervene to prune your trees with the rigor you need. As certified climbing experts, we prune and trim your trees safely.

Family owned and operated on a human level.

With our specialized staff, we assure you of a professional and cordial approach to create a pleasant working relationship for you as well as for us.

A sympathetic ear for you.

You will always find a contact person who will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Do you need advice on the esthetics of your shrubs or the clearing of the part of your property? Do not hesitate to ask us!

Contact Imperial Tree Removal Service for all your tree and plant maintenance needs in Brisbane, Pacifica, and the rest of Daly City

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