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At Imperial Tree Removal Service, we care deeply about respecting trees. Our specialized training in tree care and pruning allows us to help you keep your trees healthy for as long as possible.

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Whether it’s dangerous, dead, or just trees that need pruning, we’ll take care of you! Our experience and professionalism guarantee a job well done that meets your expectations.

Our felling service allows you to cut or select a diseased or poorly located tree [near a home or building or power-line] or to make a selection. Equipped with a 60-foot basket, we can perform tree felling in a safe and efficient manner.

Our pruning service consists of cutting dead, diseased, broken, harmful and weak branches of a tree to protect the health of the latter.


Once the tree is felled, we also offer a stump removal service. Our service includes the use of a special machine that destroys the stump to a depth of 3-4 inches below ground level. We then clean up the site so you can proceed with your plans.

It is beneficial to remove stumps as this prevents root rot, the spread of nests, and the appearance of fungus [potentially harmful to small children and pets].

Also, the trunk disappears quickly without damaging the soil. This contributes to the esthetics of your garden and makes it easier to mow the lawn.


Our hedge trimming service allows you to maintain them and increase the density of foliage for a healthy hedge.

You will need to wait until the new growth [it is bright green] has emerged. Therefore, the ideal period for pruning is between June and the end of September, depending on the region.

Whatever the size of your hedge, we have the equipment and skilled staff to keep you happy.

Our service includes hedge trimming collection so you can enjoy the summer.


This logging service allows you to create more open space on your wooded property, while performing selective pruning to preserve the noble species found there.

So, this process gives an effect of depth and height while bringing more light to your land and/or forest.

Selective cutting also makes the preserved trees grow better in height and width. So we give them the chance to become majestic!

This service can also be considered to create a safe space for your children within a wooded area or to build trails. We would be happy to walk your property and/or woodland with you for advice.

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