What Is The Best Time To Plant A Tree In Daly City?

Just because you were late to add some trees or shrubs in your yard in the late summer does not mean you cannot make an addition during fall. The best time to plant a tree in Daly City is during fall. The weather and temperatures match perfectly to support the roots to grow before the spring season. Planting during fall enables trees to put more energy into developing their roots rather than concentrating on leaves and flowers.

By the time it’s spring, the trees will have developed roots needed to channel water and nutrients. Trees planted during fall tend to become larger and healthier after a year than trees planted during Spring.

Trees also require lower water amounts during fall, so you do not need to worry about watering your trees but rather depend on natural rainfall.

However, some trees dislike cold weather and may die if exposed to too much frost when they are still young. Plants like ficus trees are a great example. In such cases, it is best to plant them at a different time of the year when it’s not so cold, like in the spring.

Proper planting practices


Knowing which trees thrive in the specific season when planted is crucial when you want to plant trees. Besides, it is advised that you find the best trees that grow in Daly City instead of going for any tree.

Certain plants are so much compatible with Daly City’s environment and will thrive when grown at the perfect time.

Hole size

The depth and width of the hole to plant a tree are essential factors that you should consider when planting trees. When planting, always make a hole 2-3 times the size of the root ball.


Mulch prevents weed growth and excessive loss of water from the soil around the tree. It also improves the soil fertility as it decomposes over time. Apply just enough mulch to your trees, as more of it may lead to more issues.


With water restrictions in most Californian municipalities, planting your trees during fall will ensure you stick to your water rations as your trees will have enough water from the rainfall. You may also consider growing trees that need minimum water to thrive.

Get the help of a professional

When you want to improve your landscape, you may consider professional services that will give the best results that you desire. Imperial Tree Removal Service can help you design your landscape with the best plant choices and make sure they are grown at the right time for them to thrive.

We have designed homes and properties’ landscapes in Daly City and the San Mateo area for years.

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