Trees In Daly City That Realtors Love

When it comes to landscaping, you need to consider growing beautiful trees to increase your property’s value if you sell it in the future. Some trees bring more value than others. Realtors love these trees for what they bring other than their beauty. Some are fruit trees; others are scented and attract bees and birds around your property, which realtors love. Here are some of the trees in Daly City that realtors love.

Persian Pear

So unique and outstanding in the yard, the Persian pear rarely goes unnoticed by the realtors.

This tree produces beautiful light green leaves during winter and a mixture of different leaf colors, ranging from orange, red, yellow, purple, and green leaves during autumn. In the summer, these trees are also resistant to wind and sun.

Besides, this tree is somewhat pest-tree and requires little attention when it is established. It can grow to a maximum of 40 feet with small branches that grow slightly wide.

Maidenhair tree

Also commonly known as the Ginkgo Biloba, this is one of the oldest tree species in Daly City, and there’s a good reason it has been preferred for ages. This tree is rarely affected by insects and pests. In the fall, its leaves turn yellow and fall almost instantly, and together. This makes it easy to clean up. Make sure you choose the male version of this tree to avoid the female tree’s smelly fruits.

Primrose tree

If you need a fast-growing tree to bring a little bit of hue to your property, the Primrose tree is the go-to option. It grows to a height of 30 feet, blooming with star-shaped pink-white flowers during summer.

This tree can thrive in different soils and requires little attention once it’s established.

Even under the full sun, this tree thrives and displays its beauty. However, it can also perform well under the part-day sun.

Sweet Bay (Saratoga)

The Sweet Bay is the preferred evergreen tree in the coastal parts of Daly City. It tolerates extreme winds and produces waxy, leathery foliage. This tree can also resist the hot weather in the summer and has dense foliage, acting as a windbreaker during extreme winds. Even in the heavy winds, it keeps its foliage intact without becoming very messy in your yard.

Columnar Red Maple

The columnar red Maple is distinctive with its cone-shaped foliage with palmate leaves that turn orange-red during fall.

It is a fast-growing tree that grows to 45 feet when given enough water and care. It thrives well under full sun and heavy soil.

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