Invasive Plants In Daly City

If you are a gardener in Daly City, there are higher chances that you may battle these invasive plant species at some point. These invasive plants are listed by the California Invasive Plants Council. They are given scores according to how they threaten the environment depending on impact, distribution, and invasiveness.

Here are the most invasive plant species in Daly City and their scores on a threat.

Alligator Weed

Also known as pigweed, it scores an A on how impactful it is to the environment and B when you look at how fast it takes over new areas.

This weed was first discovered in Alabama, and it’s native to South America. It got to North America by ballast water. This weed makes it hard for native species to thrive and affect fishing, swii=mming, and boating.

Water hyacinth

Known as one of the worst aquatic plants globally, water hyacinth originates from South America. This plant has affected most of the coastal parts of Daly City. According to the California Invasive Plants Council, it scores an A on how it has impacted the environment and how they grow to new climates.

Hydrilla/Water Thyme

This is another invasive aquatic plant with its roots traced back to Asia before getting to California in the 1950s. It came to California through an aquarium trade and got its way to the waters.

With an impact score of A and B for its invasiveness, it is also a threat to the native plant species on the Daly City coastline. It blocks water flows by making mats above the water.

Scarlet Wisteria

This tree/shrub can grow up to 13 feet tall. It grows in dense thickets and prevents access to water bodies. It also promotes erosion near river banks. Worse, this plant species is poisonous to man.

Smooth Cordgrass

The Smooth cordgrass grows in creeks, salt marshes, and bays to a height of 7 feet. There are four species of the smooth cordgrass that have taken over Daly City since their introduction in the 1970s. It can also produce hybrids with similar grass species to become more invasive.

Barb Goatgrass

This plant grows in grasslands, woodlands, and rangelands. This grass can harm livestock when it gets to their eyes and mouth. The livestock cannot eat it too when it gets in the mouth. The best way to prevent this plant species from invading new areas is by prevention. It invades faster and is rated as “A” in terms of its impact and invasion.

Giant Reed

Getting into the United States in the 1800s, this plant species was introduced to control soil erosion. However, it has indeed most parts of California and San Mateo, causing more harm than what it was meant for. This plant increases fire outbreaks. It’s mostly found along river banks and water bodies.

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Invasive Plants Daly City