How To Keep Your Lawn Healthy During Drought

America has a total of 25 million acres of lawns. This is roughly the size of Delaware, Rhode, and Pennsylvania combined. Every year, Americans spend approximately $6 billion on caring for their lawns and keeping them green and healthy. Lawns have more benefits than just the beauty they provide. They can trap dust, dirt, and pollutants. They also prevent erosion and runoff.

During drought, it can be frustrating to see the grass turning brown in the yard. But keeping your lawn healthy is simple and easy. Here are a few steps.

Proper watering

Overwatering your lawn will cause more harm than you think. Always be smart about watering times. Twenty minutes is enough to water your lawn and then leave it for at least two days to allow the grass to soak the water and become thirsty for more. When they become thirsty for more water, they will take their roots deeper into the soil, searching for water. The top layer part of the soil will also be let to dry along with the weeds.

Moderate fertilizing

Fertilizers rich in Nitrogen stimulate faster growth to produce deeper and greener color. Avoid Sodium fertilizers that harm the quality and fertility of the soil. Also, remember to fertilize in moderation. Overdoing it will damage your soil, and the grass will not grow properly as intended.

Keep off

Stay off the lawn during the drought season. Drought conditions cause more stress to the lawn, and your presence in the lawn can add further stress to the grass. Avoid getting to the lawn unless you are conducting activities to improve the lawn’s health, such as applying fertilizer.

Eliminate pests

Pests like the fire ants and Grubs destroy the roots grass during drought. Monitor your grass and identify which pests are affecting them and eliminate them using proper treatment methods.

Proper soil care

The secret to having a beautiful and green lawn is to provide proper soil care below the grass. Soil composition is critical in determining its water-holding abilities, which is key in grass growth. Healthy soil also allows root growth and penetration in search of nutrients.

Artificial Grass

Not always everyone’s option, but artificial grass is an excellent option at times. When it turns to dry, artificial grass can be all needed to offer a superb lawn impression. The good thing is that it looks like the real grass and gives just the same benefits.

Mow the right height

When your lawn is under drought stress, you need to mow it and help it save water, promote deeper rooting, and maintain the turf’s quality.

Mow 3 to 4 inches high from the surface if you have to mow.

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