How To Cut Down A Big Tree

While some trees can easily be cut by you, cutting a big tree around your environment can be very difficult, that you should consider leaving it to the experts. However, we can still help you follow these simple steps to cut down a big tree.

1. Determine whether it’s safe

The first step is to determine whether you can cut down the tree by yourself. Cutting trees can be dangerous, and you do not want to damage nearby properties by doing it the wrong way. You also need to take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe from falling dead branches and the tree itself. Walk around your property and look for any possible obstruction like powerlines, buildings, and electrical boxes.

Estimate where the tree could fall. If any obstacles could make it hard for you, you should consider calling expert help.

2. Gather necessary equipment

You need safety equipment to safely cut down the tree without any risks involved. Here is some must-have equipment you should arm yourself with:

● Hard hat

● Safety glasses

● Hearing protection

● Gloves

● Chainsaw

● Felling wedges.

Make sure you have obtained a permit if needed before you begin the tree cutting process.

Estimate the fall of the tree. Normally, the fall is estimated by holding an ax at your arm’s length and moving away from the tree to a point where the top and bottom of the tree are aligned with the ax’s top and bottom. That is the point the tree will likely fall at that point.

3. Clear escape routes

You cannot risk cutting a tree without having an exact escape route when the tree is falling. Have two escape routes for any unplanned happenings. You will have a safer safety path to use if anything goes wrong.

4. Plan and cut the notch

Plan the notch to make sure the tree falls where you want. The tree falls typically in the direction of the notch. The fall side is always the heaviest side of the tree. So this is where your notch should be.

When cutting the notch, start with the upper part and cut it to an angle of about 45-60 degrees downwards. Make a horizontal second cut parallel to the ground to meet the first cut.

5. Insert wedges

Wedges are essential when cutting large trees, especially when your tree’s diameter is more than 20 inches. They help prevent your saw from getting pinched and stuck on the tree.

As you begin the next step, make sure you insert the wedges when necessary.

6. Make the feeling cut.

The felling cut is what makes the tree fall. Move to the opposite side of the notch and begin cutting the tree about an inch higher from the notch. As the tree starts to move, you should stop immediately and move to the escape routes.

7. Remove branches and cut them into pieces.

Once the tree has fallen, you can begin the limbing step. It involves removing branches from the tree trunk and cutting the trunk into small sections, usually 16 inches long.

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