Delicious Fruit Trees In San Mateo

If you grow the right fruit tree in San Mateo, you can get its attractive and fruit benefits all at a go. Some fruits do well in San Mateo. You just have to know which ones will thrive best in your yard. You can turn your garden into a natural food source and nutrition with these delicious fruit trees in San Mateo.


There are hundreds of Apple varieties, each with its unique features. Apples that thrive well in San Mateo are the Fuji and Gala. They prefer moist and well-drained soils and under the sun.

However, Apples need a cool climate to produce the fruits. Therefore, the best time to plant Apple trees is between January through March, when the season is cool.

They also need cross-pollination from a different variety, which blooms simultaneously to produce vast amounts of pollen. However, like Gala, some varieties are self-fertile, but you should consider planting it with a different combination for better fruit production.


These healthy fruits are rich in fat and provide nutrient components along with their delicacy. They thrive under full sun and soils that are well-drained. The avocado tree can grow between 40 and 80 inches, with dense foliage. Since its foliage can get wide, it is advised to plant these trees 30 feet apart.

Most avocados are self-fertile, but you can grow them in different varieties to enhance pollination and fruit production.

The fruits need to be harvested by hand once they are mature. Otherwise, they will not fall from the tree and won’t get ripe. However, the longer they stay on the tree, the sweeter they turn!

Brown Turkey Fig

These delicious fruits with rusty purplish skin are an excellent choice for the San Mateo gardens. They are so easy to grow and need 6-8 hours of sun for the fruit to

mature. They thrive in well-drained soils. However, they can tolerate wet soils more than any other fruit trees.

They can reach 30 feet high and the same width. You may consider pruning the tree if it grows densely to prevent it from choking itself and promoting healthy growth.

Most fig trees do not need to be grown in varieties for cross-pollination. You can enjoy these fruits even with one in your yard.


These are another excellent choice for San Mateo. When grown in the right location with enough sheltered sunlight, they can produce enough fruits which fall with branches due to their weight. They bloom during summer and need just 100 hours of daylight for fruit production.

The trees can tolerate damp soils in winter and dry conditions during summer. Besides, cross-pollination isn’t necessary for fruiting.


These trees can adapt anywhere in the Bay Area, San Mateo, included. They are easy and quick to grow, and soon you will be enjoying their fruits. They tolerate winter and summer conditions. Besides, they bloom late to avoid the frosts in the spring. They are not easily affected by pests. They can get broad and extensive, so it is always recommended to grow them at least 12 feet apart.

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Delicious Fruit Trees