Best Trees To Grow In San Francisco

California is known to be home to some of the largest trees worldwide. Among them is the California redwood. Here in San Francisco, there’s a unique microclimate that has made trees growing in this town a little bit different from the rest of California. Nevertheless, San Francisco boasts some great trees that paint beauty and elegance in yards, gardens, streets, and walkways.

Here are some of the best trees to grow in San Francisco.

California Buckeye

Also known as the California horse chestnut, this tree is a famous tree for all seasons. It welcomes the spring season much earlier than other trees by its palm-shaped foliage. During summer and spring, it blooms with bright cone-like white flowers. After this tree sheds its leaves in fall and winter, its bare branches resemble a perfect artwork, especially when glowing in the dark.

New Zealand Christmas Tree

This tree has become common and people’s favorite in the San Francisco area. It adapts well to the salt air along the coast. This tree is grown both as a shrub and a standard tree. As a shrub, it grows fast, blooming with beautiful red flowers. It is also compatible with San Francisco’s climate and resistant to drought.

It can thrive in rocky soils and reach up to a height of 80 feet, spreading its branches to form a dome shape.

Marina Strawberry tree

The Marina Strawberry is one of San Francisco’s favorite medium-sized trees. It grows to 50 feet tall, peeling its old bark to leave an attractive red bark. It also produces edible fruits but not so tasty.

This tree can be quite messy when it flowers. Consider growing it somewhere where you can easily manage its debris.

Bronze Loquat

Bronze Loquat can grow up to a height between 15-30 feet tall. When its leaves are growing, they emerge in bright copper color, holding it for some time before they turn to shiny green. It produces creamy-white flowers during spring, making the yard so beautiful and standing out.

Bronze loquat can thrive in sandy soil, under the sun, and even shade.

Fern Pine

Fern pine is one of the cleanest and pest-free trees grown in the San Francisco area. These trees grow to reach a maximum height between 20 and 35 feet. They tolerate sandy soils, wind, fog, shade, and sun.

Grecian Laurel

The Mediterranean native, the Grecian laurel, has an adaptive habit that makes it compatible with San Francisco’s climate. This tree produces aromatic leaves that will leave a sweet scent around your garden. It blooms with clusters of spring flowers, which later grow dark purple fruits. Once established, they easily tolerate drought and thrive in sandy or rocky soils, salty air, and other extreme temperatures.

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