Best Trees For Sidewalks

Most of us are familiar with the scorching sidewalks. Not necessarily on streets with no trees, but also just outside your house is already a sidewalk. When trees are planted along the sidewalks, they provide shade and beauty. While many people are now considering this option in their homes, and even adding a small yard to it, choosing the best trees for this purpose may give the best results.

You need to consider a lot of factors before opting for what trees are best for your sidewalk.

Things to consider

To avoid problems for your sidewalks, you need to consider some factors:

● How tall can the tree grow? This can help you avoid future problems with nearby powerlines.

● Type of root system. Some trees have an invasive root system that goes wide and deep in search of water and nutrients. These roots are known for interfering with sewer systems, structures of the house, and even sidewalks. You do not want your trees to be the source of destruction for your concurrent surfaces.

● You should also consider tree’s ability to adapt to the poor soils found along the sidewalks. Some trees will also not perform well under the sun. If you know which trees are perfect for the sidewalk conditions, then you are on your way to growing the best trees for sidewalks.

Best trees for sidewalks

Hardy Rubber

Hardy rubber can survive severe drought conditions, which makes it a perfect choice for the sidewalks. It keeps its leaves even during summer to provide shade on these hot days. This tree also does not need frequent pruning and attention. However, it doe not thrive in poorly drained soils.

Ginkgo Biloba

Also called the maidenhair tree, the Ginkgo biloba thrives in different soil conditions along the sidewalks. It can even tolerate urban conditions like pollution and human disturbance.

The Ginkgo Biloba roots are also strong to withstand strong winds and storms.

Bur oak

Bur oak gives perfect shade during summer on sidewalks and has strong branches to withstand strong winds and storms. It grows slowly to a huge height. So you should be careful not to grow in near powerlines.

They can also grow in harsh conditions with little attention required.

Hedge Maple

Most people claim this is the best tree for sidewalks. And there’s a good reason for this. The hedge maple can withstand the harsh conditions and the poor soil conditions along the sidewalks. It also provides lovely shade during hot sunny days in the summer. Besides, this tree looks so beautiful and can rarely go unnoticed by anyone passing by.

Just be careful not to plant it near powerlines as they tend to grow up to 30 feet tall.

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